Monday, October 1, 2012

In Which Everything Changes, Kind of

    I was just sitting here, in Hubs' recliner, when I had a thought. You see, things are about to change in our lives. And this is a pretty major change, at that. Right up until I had my thought, I was OK with this change.

    I am still OK with it, but then I got to thinking. Let me explain: You see, Hubs is taking a new assignment within his company. He is going to be working on the day shift. Still twelve hours, but during the day. And it just occurred to me that this could change the whole dynamic of our relationship.

    When we met, I was working a twelve hour night shift. He was a mechanic, so he worked a normal day time job. After we got married, it took me three years to get him to give up his job, that he was not happy with, and come work where I was, in manufacturing. He took to it quickly, and within a year he was in the maintenance department.

   So, we have never really spent every night together. In fact, when we were on opposite night shifts, we never spent the night together at all. When he was working, on my days off, I would go in with him to bed in the morning, and nap for a few hours.  

    Well, that's not totally true, either. We did work the same night shift for over a year, and for that time we did spend our nights and working days together. 

    Anyway, back to my thought. Does this mean we will suddenly be conventional? After 24 years of being unconventional, I'm not sure how I'm going to like being conventional. Cooking dinner every night? Will I start doing the dishes every evening after dinner? I shudder at the thought. I think I'm too old to start being conventional at this point in my life. But one thing I am sure of,  it will certainly be an adventure!


  1. Being unconventional is fun, but if conventional for everyone else is unconventional for you, then that sounds like fun too!

  2. I hadn't thought about it that way! Thanks!