Friday, October 19, 2012

Stitch n Bitch / An Eventful Afternoon

    Stitch n Bitch was this morning, and those who were present had fun. I was nervous, and finally got to announce to my crafty friends that I GOT A JOB!! Right now, it's part time, at the Awesome Store, (where else?) at their booth at the Hudson Valley Market, out on the Salt Point Tpk.

     At this time, it'll only be at that site, because they are only open Saturday and Sunday. I'll be doing 4 hours each day. This means I will have to be late for my mom's not-surprise-any-more birthday party. It seems brother and his wife didn't get the surprise part. Oh, well.

    So after Stitch n Bitch this morning, I had time to go home and really get nervous before I reported to the Awesome Country store in the Galleria at 2 p.m. I was going there to fill out forms, get my official apron, and have a sort of orientation. It went well, I think.

    Yesterday, when I stopped in the Hyde Park store, I made sure I told the owner that I had been very inactive for more than 3 years, and would need time to get back into the swing, physically. She was OK with that. I hope things work out, it seems like it will be a fun place to work.

    On another topic, My felted bag came out perfectly!! My knitting friends even told me I should write out the pattern, and have it posted for sale on etsy or Ravelry. It turned out to be a near perfect bucket bag! It is plain black, so I want to decorate it. I want to embroider on it, and get some metal feet for it.

    I will keep you updated!

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  1. I would love to see a photo and I would be honored to be your first pattern sale. Over the years, I have received numerous purses and bags. There are a few loved ones who think the more pockets and sections I have in a purse will somehow make me more organized. No. I have always preferred the BUCKET--withOUT some affected designer's initials on what looks like plastic grayish ugliness and an emblazoned zipper pull with someone else's idea of a cool logo. In fact (sorry if you are a vegan) I like a simple leather or wool felt bag best. Can't wait to see yours.