Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Feeling Like Crap, and Blanket Progress

   Yesterday, I felt like such crap when I got home from babysitting that I crawled into my bed shortly after. Unfortunately, I was still there when Hubs arrived home from work. Not finding me in the living room, in my customary position in the chair, he panicked a little and came running into the bedroom looking for me.

   He was so sweet, and concerned for me. Today I feel a bit better but Miss Malia is definitely not feeling well. Poor baby was miserable today. Her mom left these nose drops, but I was totally unsuccessful in my attempts to put them in her nose. I think I now have an idea what it feels like to wrestle an alligator.

    But I did get some work done on the new baby blanket today. Malia was fascinated with watching me crochet, and playing with the yarn as it came out of the skein. I stopped when I got the exact middle of the blanket. Here is how it looks:

    Unfortunately, it's wrong way around. The beginning is on the right, and the center is on the left. But I'm very happy with my progress. I just wish I could shake this icky ucky sick feeling.

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