Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The Unthinkable Happens

    My mom just called me, sort of in a panic. Remember, she is moving in 6 days to a smaller apartment? Well, she told me she just called the management office, and asked if she could get into the new apartment, to take measurements and stuff.

   The lady in the office told her that her apartment won't be ready until the end of November! They are gutting the whole place, putting in new insulation, and all that. So it's taking longer than they thought it would.

    Well, the move is already all planned! The movers are coming on Wednesday! The cable and phone are being activated in the new apartment as of Wednesday! Now she has to cancel all this. It was bad enough the first time, taking over an hour each to accomplish the transfer of services. She is dreading having to do it all again, to cancel the whole thing!

   Her question was, and a valid one at that, is why didn't they notify her that her apartment wouldn't be ready on time? What would have happened if she hadn't called?

    The good news is that now she has more time to get all her things sorted and packed up. The element of panic, and rushing to get it all done, has been pushed off!

   And here is a photo of Mom, taken Sunday, at her birthday party!

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