Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Crafting Update

    I just finished the crocheted/knitted bag-to-be-felted! Now to just throw it in the washing machine. To review, I crocheted a circle for the bottom, then picked up the stitches round the edge and knit in the round.

    When I determined it to be big enough, I then had to decide how to work the handle. I knew I wanted one handle, not two. Then I had to do some math. I counted the stitches around, knowing, because of the crocheted bottom, it would be divisible by 12. Here we go: I had 132 stitches, which makes 12 groups of 11. Too small. How about 6 groups of 22? That worked for me, so the next round, I cast off 44, knit 22, cast off 44, and knit 22.

    Then I put the first set of stitches on a holder, to be worked later, and began with the second set. I knew I wanted to evenly decrease the number of stitches, so I started by K3, then K2tog, then Knit across to the last 5, K2tog, K3. I did this every right side row, until I was satisfied with the number of stitches left. It seemed right at 12 stitches.

    Here are photos of the pre-felted bag, with the cable remote for size reference.

Hopefully I will remember to get post felting photos too!

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