Monday, October 8, 2012

More Adventures in Babysitting

    Let's start with a knitting project update. I found the WIP, crocheted/knitted purse to be felted. I took it with me babysitting today, but did not get to work on it at all. My youngest charge actually fell asleep in my arms, and I walked in to put her into bed. As I laid her down, her eyes opened, and less than a minute after I exited the room, she followed me out. She didn't succumb again.

    I thought, just for a short while, that she was gonna pass out in that last half hour before her dad came, but NO. She lounged, but her eyes never closed. I was watching like a hawk. Although, today I did teach her a new word! And that word is "awesome". Her mom heard it before she left for work, and her dad heard it too, before I left for the day. It felt really good.

    I also tried to get her to say her name, her dad tells me he asks her what her name is and she tells him. So today, I asked her what her name is, and she said "Lia". She leaves off the first syllable. So I asked her if she can say "mama", which she did, then I tried again with her name, Malia. Again all I got was "Lia". It's a start.

    This afternoon, while I was in the rest room, I heard strange noises from the living room. It sounded like she was rubbing a toy on the wall. I thought it was no biggie. But when I re-entered the living room, I find her with a pen in her hand, scribbling madly on the wall! She was really pissed when I took it away from her, and told her "No!".

    Now I have a couple of days of relaxation, I will not be needed again until Thursday. That should give me some much needed time to return some water bottles. They are really piling up. I have found that early morning is best for that task. I just hope the new Stop n Shop, that they are building across the street from the current one, has more bottle return machines...


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