Sunday, December 16, 2012

A Busy Weekend

    I just lived through a busy weekend. I have this tendency to not plan things, I like my life to be spontaneous, as much as possible. So, I try to make no plans, unless absolutely necessary. Well, this weekend, a bunch of things came together, all needing to be done. Lucky for me, they were one-after-the-other, not all-at-once things.

    My new purse came, from Thirty One, I had to go pick that up at Sara's house. I love getting a new purse. One of my favorite things is what I call "moving in" to the new purse. I don't just move things from old one to new one. For me, it really is like moving in, you have to see where everything fits.

    Anyway, here is a photo I took of the new one!

    It's kind of big, but I like it. It just means there's room in there for my knitting projects as well as regular purse stuff.  I like how it looked in the catalog, but was afraid to buy it, because I couldn't tell how big it was. So I had daughter Sara throw a Thirty One Party, so I could see the bag. In person, it was much bigger than I had imagined! So, of course, I bought one!

    Then yesterday, I was in the pharmacy shopping for anniversary cards for Hubs, our anniversary is tomorrow, and they had telescoping back scratchers near the registers. They are shaped like dragon claws, and the handles are rubber, of different colors. So I bought one, to keep in my purse. Imaging my delight when I discovered the perfect place to keep it!

    So you can see why I chose the  maroon color handle. And, there were loops where I hadn't suspected loops to exist! Does it get any better than that?

    Also this weekend, I took another adult beginners archery class. I'm a little sore from that, too. But I am determined to get the hang of it, it's one thing Hubs loves to do, and I thought we could do it together. But, I don't think I'll hunt with him. That would be where I draw the line.


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