Friday, December 28, 2012

crocheting while waiting for yarn

    That's what I'm doing today, waiting. Yesterday, I ordered the yarn for my real sweater. I've decided not to continue on the practice one, If I can get through the top of the pattern on the practice sweater, then I am sure I can finish the real one. I had received as a Festivus gift, from a really good friend, a gift certificate from KnitPicks. And that's where I went yesterday to peruse through their yarn selection.

    I kind of knew that I wanted to do the real sweater in cotton. The first cotton yarn I found didn't have a great range of colors, so I moved on. The second one had tons of colors! So many that it was difficult to make a choice. I ended up with a really nice, mid-tone bluish purple. Now I just have to wait for it to come.

    While I'm waiting, I have picked up the Gamer Gloves again. I hope to get them done, as I have promised myself that I won't cast on the real sweater until the gloves are finished. I think I better get a move on.....

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