Wednesday, December 26, 2012

a slightly complicated situation

    I told you Santa brought me a Kindle Fire for Christmas. I've wanted one for a while now. My mom has a regular Kindle, and since she has no computer, we used my email address to link it to.

    Last year, a friend of mom's gave me a Kindle for Christmas. Since I have my nook, and I love it, I let Hubs use it. I try to encourage reading in any way I can. So that one is linked to his email account.

    My mom, as I said, has no Internet access where she is, so when she needs new books for her Kindle, my daughter does it for her, since she's there once a week for dinner. She takes the Kindle home, uses mom's credit card on her own computer, and the books get loaded via her wifi.

    For months now, I've been asking Sara to take my email out of mom's kindle, and put hers in. This was so that when I hopefully, got my Fire, my email account would be clear. Well, that didn't happen. I ended up taking Hubs' suggestion of creating a new email account, just for registering the Fire. It worked just fine! The only other problem I had was connecting to our wifi router. I chose the wrong one, and couldn't connect.

    Eventually, I thought to check my laptop, and saw that I had chosen the wrong one for the Fire. So I went back in and fixed that. Now I have access to the Internet. I have already downloaded two games, Angry Birds, of course, and Mah Jong. I love both of those games, I play Mah Jong a lot on my laptop. I used to play Angry Birds on Google+.

    This morning, I went to Radio Shack, to get a cover and screen protector for my Fire. Those things actually used up much of my gift card. Bummer, I was hoping to buy some sweater yarn with that. But now Fire has a cover, and I'm happy with that.

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  1. Just so you know, I haven't had Grandma's Kindle in months and I have no idea how to change the email it's associated with :-P