Saturday, December 22, 2012

What a Day! Photo Added....

    Today was the day that my family all gets together and has dinner, then the kids open their gifts. My beloved late mother-in-law began this tradition, when her son and I were first married.

    When you are newlywed, you begin your own traditions, sharing holidays between the two families. In our case, we did Christmas Eve with Hubs' family, and Christmas Day with my family. At first, Betty cooked for us, but after a few years, we started  going out to the local diner, then back to her house for dessert and presents. It was fun, and our son Jesse got to celebrate and open presents three times! Once with Grammy and Pop, once with us on Christmas morning, then again with Grandma and Grandpa for dinner that day.

    Well my mom is the only grandparent Jesse has left, and she has taken over the Christmas Eve diner dinner. Only, since my kids are all grown up, two with families and in-laws of their own, we moved it to a day close to Christmas. This year, it was tonight. After dinner we went to my brother's house with gifts only for the youngest kids, and for my mom, of course, being the matriarch.

    All this was after I worked today, of course. And Hubs worked too, and had to go back after dinner to finish up. So he didn't get to have dessert. All together, I believe there were sixteen of us. Mom, myself and Hubs, my daughter and her hubs, my son and his wife and their two kids. Then my youngest and his girlfriend. My brother, his wife, their daughter with her boyfriend, and their young son rounded out the roster.

   One of our hosts kindly took a photo of our whole table!

    Whew! Thank goodness that's over with! Now we get to do Christmas Day, with Jesse and Julie at her mom's. There won't be so many people there, so it will be quieter, and pleasant. We went there last year, on Christmas Eve; we met there after the Giants game. They all went to the game, including my Hubs and son.

    I can't wait for Santa to come, I wonder what he'll bring me this year? I've tried really hard to be a good girl!

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