Friday, December 7, 2012

Festivus / Christmas Shopping

    I have, as of today, gotten three gifts taken care of. THREE. That's it. There are at least three more that I have in mind, if not four. Thank the Goddess that we are restricting family gifts to the youngest children, and matriarch, this year. That takes off a lot of pressure.

    I have my gift for the Cherub, one for Hubs, and one for my friend Bonny.  That's it. I am contemplating which of my self knitted items to gift to friend Jan. She is definitely knit worthy. I was going to contribute a gift card towards yarn for friend Kim's sweater, but she's already purchased the yarn. So I need to re-think that gift.

    I have a specific thing in mind for grandson Mason, will see about that tomorrow. Hopefully they have one in a good color for a two year old boy. For his big sister? No ideas at all. Ditto for my nephew.

    Crap, this time of year sneaks up on ya, doesn't it? I better get a move on, on those Gamer Gloves.....

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