Monday, December 3, 2012

Today's the Day

   Yup. Today's the two year anniversary of my M-i-L's passing. I spoke to Hubs a few days ago, and asked him if he thought we could go up to the cemetery, for a short visit. He concurred, so off we went, shortly before noon.

    It's quite a ways north of here, up in Columbia County, at a very quiet church. It's really a peaceful place. The weather even cooperated, it was gorgeous out today. I don't think Hubs really enjoys going there, but I think his mom likes it. On the way, I usually think of all these things that I want to say to her, and to her husband also, since he's there too. But when we get there, and when I start to talk, I get choked up. So I end up talking to her in my head. Today, I did manage to say out loud that she got her fondest wish, that our son, her only natural grandchild, is living in their house. Both she and Tom wanted that.  I hope it makes them happy.

    I really meant to take my camera up there with us, I can't believe it forgot it. I wanted to get photos of the cemetery, and the headstone. On the drive up, we stopped and Hubs bought an evergreen wreath, which we placed on the ground in front of the headstone. We decided we didn't want to block it, or Tom's veteran placque.

    On the way home, we stopped at a little local diner in Red Hook, and had lunch. Then we completed our journey. I think it does us good to stop and remember our departed family members every once in a while. For me, it's a very spiritual experience, I feel cleansed afterwards, and renewed.  < Deep breath > Thanks, Betty, for raising your son so very well.....

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