Wednesday, December 5, 2012

The Newest Thing - The E-Plague

    I know all about this, since I myself am a victim. It starts simply enough, with a texted conversation with a friend, who has sick family members. And some way, somehow, this sickness gets transmitted to you, through your cell phone, and directly into your throat and nasal cavity.

   Yesterday was that day for me. My good knitter friend, texted me that her child, the Cherub, is sick and not going to school the next day. She feels like she's coming down with something too. Shortly after this text conversation ends, the nagging, tickling feeling starts in my throat. By evening, I am in full sore throat mode.

   I text to her that she made me sick through the cell phones, and she tries to deny it. She says she was protecting me, by not making me come to her house. I know better. I also know that she didn't do it on purpose, and only had the best of intentions. But I still got the e-plague.

    Apparently, I am not the first to get it; I hear from  a mutual friend that this has happened to her as well. Harummmpphh.

    So take heed, my loyal readers, and beware the e-plague. Who knows what could be next? Contaminated e-mail? This is a new type of germ warfare..... I don't think I like it. I have felt so icky all day today, that I haven't even worked on the Gamer Gloves.

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