Monday, December 31, 2012

A light in the darkness OR I am not crazy

    A few months ago, we exchanged our cable boxes, for free, and upgraded to the newest version. Right away, I noticed a problem with the one in our bedroom. You see, the new boxes have a blue strip that lights up when the box is on.

    Very quickly I noticed that at night, the light that the strip throws off is very bright. So I started turning the cable box off when I turned off the TV. No problem, right? Well, Hubs had a problem with it. He teased me unmercifully about it, even telling his friends that I had gone loony, perhaps because of the change-of-life insanity? It was sort of implied.

    Well, this morning, I finally got to show him. We were both awake about 5 am, and I happened to remember about the cable box light. So I mentioned it to him, and turned the box on. That light is so bright, you could do a puppet show on the wall! And he finally got to see it for himself. He agreed it was bright, but of course, had something snarky to say. That's why I love him, he makes me laugh, he always has.

    So perhaps he will lighten up on the teasing? Now I just have to work on not falling asleep with the TV on. I sleep closer to it than he does, and sometimes it feel like the sun on my back when I'm trying to get to sleep. Actually, there's been progress on that front too. The last week or so, we've actually turned the TV off before going to sleep.

    But I'd grown so used to it, it's difficult. When Hubs worked nights, the TV kept me company the nights he was gone. It was like a friend, as well as a night light. But now things have changed. It seems that life is always changing...

    And HAPPY NEW YEAR to everyone! It already is 2013 in some places, we still have nearly 15 hours.

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