Friday, December 14, 2012

I Think I Got It.....

    I don't want to jinx myself (too late!), but, I think I got it. The sweater pattern, that is. I managed to create a little chart for myself that indicates how many rows of each kind of increase there are to be done, and I just tick off with a pencil when each is done.

    I bet that sounds simple to you, but for me it was monumental. That I could figure it out at all is amazing to me. As my good knitting friend said, "You must really want that sweater very badly!" She says that's how she got most of her knitting skills, by wanting something badly enough to learn the new skill. I'm sure I drove her nuts last night at Karate, as well as this morning at Stitch n Bitch, by how excited I was. And I still am!

    I am now confident enough to forgo the whole "make one of cheap acrylic first" thing, and go right for the good wool. Unless I've annoyed the Knitting Goddess with my boastfulness. Which is entirely possible.

    I'm going to continue to knit the yoke of the sweater for practice, just to make absolutely certain. I am not going to take photos of the practice yoke. It would entail me pinning it to the carpet, because it's all rolled up. BUT it is awesome, and you can easily make out where the V-neck is, as well as the sleeves. Who kows - if I can find enough of the practice yarn, I may very well continue on it, just to see what it looks like. There must be someone in my life that it would fit. I made it a smaller size than the one I would make for myself.

    And YES, Sara, I am still working on the Gamer Gloves! One is almost ready for a progress fitting.

   I know, I know, I screwed myself with this post. Now I will have pissed off the Knitting Goddess for sure, and she will punish me for my boastfulness. But I GOT IT!!



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