Thursday, December 6, 2012

Sharing Some Family Photos

    I am recuperating from the e-plague, and not getting any ideas for my post today. I was also looking at the photos in my laptop and it suddenly hit me - why not share some of those photos? I shall start at the beginning. Here's my parent's wedding photo, Jan. 22, 1955.

This is my dad's mom, Rose. She passed away a while ago.

Here is a recent photo of my dad's sisters, Kate and Mary Lou.

This one is my brother, David, and his wife Carol. I think this was taken at my daughter's wedding, 2010.                                      
Here is a photo, I believe it's the first ever, of my three kids together.
This is my favorite photo of Sara and her hubs, Mike. I love her hair this way...

Here's my handsome second child, James.

This is a photo from his wedding, June 2007. His lovely wife is Jessica.

Here is one of their two beautiful kids, Chloe and Mason. This is actually a bit old, Mason turned two in October.

Here is a more recent one, my Hubs with Mason, taken this past summer.

And lastly, but never least, is my youngest child, Jesse. I swear, he spends more time in his karate uniforms than in street clothes.

               I guess I should put a photo of myself in here, too. This is from August of 1973, Walt Disney World, Florida. Do you think I had an attitude?? Don't most 16 year olds?


  1. Actually, she snuck in one, that's her in the one with Hubs and Mason... But other than that, not yet! I figured I'd get crap for not having any photos of my mom and her side... those are yet to come.