Monday, December 10, 2012

And So It Begins

     First, I feel I must assure you all that I am still working away on the Gamer Gloves, but I've begun the yarn selection process for my sweater.  I had thought that perhaps I could begin the sweater, with yarn from my stash, just to make sure I could do it. It doesn't even have to be in gauge, or anything. I desire to make sure it's doable for me, before I invest money in any amount of yarn.

     So I got out some Lion Brand Cotton Ease, in purple, and began to swatch. I know I said I wasn't going to, but to me this yarn is a contender. It's so soft, I imagine it would make a sweet sweater. Unfortunately, the gauge was off. I would really like to use Size 9 needles, as I have these circulars in many sizes from a past cardigan. I ended up putting aside the Cotton Ease.

     Then I picked up my latest copy of the Patternworks catalog. I flipped to the back page where they have the chart for the different yarn gauges. I need a heavy worsted/aran weight yarn, so I went through all the yarns of that weight in the chart, one by one, and picked out two that I really liked. One is called Elements, and it's gorgeous. It comes in heathered colors, and I can't decide which one I like best. The other is N.Y. Cotton.

     After all that, I went to the KnitPicks website, and looked at their heavy worsted/aran weight yarns. I found one there that's perfect, and it's not even horribly expensive! I can't remember the name of the yarn right now, but I did put it on my wish list on the site. I think I picked out a purple. I put in that I want 10 balls, because I want extra to make the sweater longer.

    Now I just need to inherit some money, or win the lottery or something. Then I could afford to get the yarn for my sweater.

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  1. Post Script : Went back into Knitpicks, and got the yarn names. 1st was City Tweed Aran, in colorway Morning Glory. This one says it's soft.

    Then there's Andes del Campo, colorway Vineyard Heather. But is it soft? It doesn't say so in the description.