Tuesday, January 1, 2013

The rules for outside lights

    I have to do this post, because the new neighbors apparently have no clue. I'm talking about the lights we all have over/near our front door.

Rule #1 - The light is only to be put on at night.

#2 - At night, it is only to be put on under certain circumstances, such as -
        a) When the family, or any members thereof, are out.
        b) When you are expecting company, or food delivery.

#3 - After family members are all home for the night, or guests have left,

    The only times these rules are to be ignored is on Halloween, when turning the light on after dark means you are participating in trick or treating, and have candy to give out.

    Thank you for your attention. These new neighbors must never have lived in a house before. It makes me crazy to see their light on all the time, when it's obvious that everyone is home. I mean, all the cars are there, turn off the fracking light.

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