Wednesday, February 27, 2013

A pet peeve

    There are some people who know me that know I am a little nuts about spelling and the proper usage of words such as "to, too, and two", and the like. I thought it was time for an explanation.

    Both of my parents were teachers. My dad taught Mathematics, first Junior High level, then High School. My mom was a pre-school teacher, and had her own school for a long time. Due to their influence, I have been an avid reader for much of my life.

    Since I have read so much for so many years, I know a lot even though I never went to college. And after all, how many times are there misspelled words in books? The only exception is a book I wrote about in one of my early posts.

    I have a friend, whom I love dearly, that is a very lazy speller. It drives me crazy when she posts on facebook with misspelled or misused words. Sometimes I correct her, even thought that drives her crazy. The main reason it bothers me so much is because it makes her seem ignorant, uneducated and stupid. And I know darn well that she's not any of those things.

    I couldn't care less when she does it in text messages, because those aren't public, they're private. When I was on ebay, and looking through all these items that I wanted to buy, if I came across one that had any misspelled words, I would skip right over it, wouldn't even consider buying anything from that person.

    Not that I am perfect, or anything. I'm sure I make mistakes, especially with the apostrophe s's. And sometimes my good friend points out typos in my texts, which happens mostly after I break a thumb nail. But again, they aren't public.

    I guess I can lay all the blame at my parent's feet? Well, it works for me.

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