Friday, February 15, 2013

WIP Photos, SnB report

    This morning, we had our Stitch n Bitch, the first one in three weeks. Last week, the weather was ominous, snow was coming down. The week before that, some of us had appointments that we couldn't change, so OFL (our fearless leader) decided to cancel.

    So this week we had some catching up to do. OFL is working a a gorgeous cardigan for a friend's birthday , Jan is still plugging away on her beaded lace shawl, and I brought two projects, but only worked on Sara's sweater. We had a good breakfast, and got down to knitting.

    Afterwards, OFL and I hit our local second hand store. I've been in there before, and was pleasantly surprised! They have so much stuff! Antiques, furniture, books, records, clothing and so much more! If you live anywhere near Hyde Park, I recommend stopping by.

    Now, for years, I've been searching for a leather coat for myself. I won't pay full price, so I've been looking in the Salvation Army, and Goodwill stores. I've had no luck so far. Until today, that is... I found an awesome leather coat today! It wasn't as inexpensive as Goodwill or SA, but still nowhere near full price. I left there a happy woman. Even Kim found a coat, and she looked awesome in it. She didn't want to pay the asking price, even though it was 25% off. So she asked, and they gave it to her for even less! She was happy too!

    And now for the promised photos! First up is a photo of the soft soft yarn that I'm using for the cowl:

    Here's a photo of my progress so far on the cowl:

    Next up is Sara's sweater, which you really can't see, because it's all curled up. But you can see the glorious color!

   And lastly, here is the yarn I chose for my own sweater. I hope the color comes out properly!

    Well, it's not too bad. I haven't started this one again yet, can't decide which size needle to use. I will probably go up to the size 9, and make a size small. But it starts out with the same number of stitches as the medium. So maybe I'll just stick with the medium. Who knows?

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