Thursday, February 7, 2013

preparing for the worst

    I hear that there's a big winter snow storm coming, it's supposed to hit us tomorrow. The amount of snow we are supposed to get keep varying, hour by hour. I prefer to take a wait and see attitude.

    With a small amount of money left in my wallet, I headed to the supermarket to see what I could afford to purchase. I came home with 10 rice side dish packets, 10 noodle side dish packets, and a 3 pack of scotch-brite sponge thingies I use to wash the dishes. We really needed new ones. The side dishes were on sale, 10 for $10.

    When I got home, I parked my beloved Jeep as close to the tree box in front of our house as I could, allowing for minimum fuss with the street and our driveway being plowed. If you park too close to the road, the town plows will end up covering your vehicle with the road snow, making it twice as hard for you to get out.

    That is assuming I don't need to go anywhere else before the snow starts tomorrow morning. If I do, I will just park close to the tree box again. But I'm not planning on going anywhere.

    If, by some odd chance, we should lose power, we have a gas powered camping coffee maker we bought after the outage that knocked out the whole bleeding northeast. I don't remember what year that was. Coffee was the one thing I truly missed at that time. I remember, before that, seeing the coffee maker in a camping store, and laughing at it. I wasn't laughing when I made Hubs buy us one!

    So here I am, digging in and waiting for the worst. Hopefully the anticipation will be worse than the actual storm.

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