Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Innocent post turns into a rant


    Lately I've taken to eating granola. For breakfast, for snacks, for whenever I'm peckish. I started by buying the local supermarket brand because they were on sale. I'm not all that fond of raisins, so I get the other flavor. I believe it's honey and nuts.

    Well, today I ran out. I put it on my short list for the grocery store. All this time, I've been eyeing the fat free version. Today I decided to go for it, and picked up two boxes of the stuff. When I got home, I opened a box, and tasted it. To my surprise, it was really good! It is very cinnamon-y, and more tasty than the regular stuff!


    This morning in my cupboard I found the box of granola that put the low fat stuff in my basket at the supermarket. Thus I was able to compare the labels. Let's just say that I won't be eating the second box of the low fat stuff anytime soon. I may not even finish the first box!

    Side by side, I saw that the regular granola was better for me. Stress the words FOR ME. My system is sensitive to sodium, and the low fat choice has about 3 times more sodium per serving. This is significant for me, as I used to buy a flavored water that went from 5 mg of sodium per serving to 35 mg per serving. After I drank it, I was thirsty! That's 7X the sodium! Just to "improve the flavor".

    I sent the water company an email of complaint, and received an unsatisfactory answer. Basically, "too bad". They said that their water was still considered "low sodium". So I stopped buying it. I found another flavored water that had zero mg of sodium per serving. I drank it until the stores here stopped carrying it.

    No local store carries it any more because of the bottle return policy that the State of New York decided to impose on water. Now I'll name names. I used to drink Fruit-2-0, strawberry flavored water. I switched to Adirondack, pomegranate flavor. Now I drink iced tea. I'm just glad that they sell it all year around... Does anyone else remember that they didn't used to sell iced tea mix in the winter?

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