Thursday, February 14, 2013

progress report, with frogging

    Recently, I decided to frog the beginnings of both sweaters that I had started. Mine was too big, so I will use a smaller needle and make a smaller size. Sara's was too small, it looked on track to fit my 5 year old granddaughter. Not a good thing. So I upped the needle size, and I'm trying a larger size. My fingers are firmly crossed.

    I went to Fishkill yesterday, to visit my mom, so of course I had to go to the LYS down there, Out of the Loop. Theresa was very friendly, as usual. It never ceases to amaze me that people remember me. I went in looking for needles, but she was out of the size I was looking for. She is expecting a delivery any time now.

    I ended up browsing through all the yarn. She has expanded her selection, and now has lots of Noro. But what caught my eye was Cascade Yarns Eco Duo. It's 70% undyed baby Alpaca, and 30% undyed Merino. It is so very soft, I couldn't believe it! I finally decided that two hanks would make a delicious cowl. There was a good selection of color ways, and I ended up choosing a black/gray/white. I love the fact that it's undyed.

    I made sure to do the itch test, by placing the yarn on my neck, and gently rubbing it there. No itchies, I'm pleased to report. I decided to use a big needle for the cowl. Ideally I wanted a size 11, but the only one I have is 16" long. So I settled on a 10.5. I think it's 32" long.

    Now, I have in mind to make a real cowl, not those things that are popular right now, that are just long scarves with the ends connected. By my definition, a cowl is a tube that goes over your head, on your neck. It's long enough to pull one end up over your head for extra warmth, and still have enough to pool around your neck. So you could wear it either way, just around your neck, or up covering your head too.

    For those of you keeping track, that was another mini rant. And now my second cup of coffee has gone cold. Dammit. Anyway, when I get further along with all three projects, I will post photos.

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