Saturday, February 16, 2013

Progress and V-day report

    Once again, I had to frog the pink sweater. Somehow made a big boo boo on it, and I wasn't that far into it that I couldn't just frog it. So I did, and started all over. Again. This time, I think I got it right...

    Pink and purple are my favorite colors, the pink, as hot as possible....

    As for V-day, Hubs was away, and got home late last night. It turns out that he brought me a present. My very favorite sparklie thing, in a pendant. It's very pretty. And since he wasn't home for the holiday, he took me out to breakfast this morning. We had a really nice time. I've spent the whole day with him, not even going on the Internet all day. Until now, anyway. I figured it would be OK,  since he's gone to bed. He has to get up early for work tomorrow.

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