Thursday, February 21, 2013

The rules are changing

    You heard me, the rules are changing. Almost all of them, and it makes me sad. Let's start with the front door outside light rules. You remember those, I posted them not too long ago. Well, now, when Hubs and I are going out together at night, we leave the light off. Because it seems that there have been a recent rash of burglaries in our town and towns to the south, east and north of us. If we put the light on, it would tell people that are possibly desperate enough to commit these crimes, that we are not at home.

    If I am home, and expecting Hubs home from work, I still do put the light on. But I keep the door locked until it's almost his expected arrival time.Which leads me to change number two, and it's a doozy.

    Ever since we moved into this house in the summer of 1990, we never locked the door unless we were actually going away for more than a few hours. Even overnight, the door was unlocked. We lived in that kind of town. And it was awesome. I felt safe and secure. But that has been changing.

    Now the front door is locked at all times. The garage doors are locked. The basement back door is locked. These doors are always locked. And it makes me very sad. That people have become so desperate that I can't feel safe in my own home unless I'm locked in. About the only time I leave the house and not lock the door behind me is when I take the garbage out, or walk across the street to check the mail box. But truly, those are the only times.

    Hubs has always locked his truck everywhere it sits. With my Jeep, I don't see the point. If they want it that bad, all they have to do is unzip the windows and they're in.

    So here I sit, locked up in my house. I know it's a false sense of security, but it's all I have.  

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