Thursday, February 28, 2013

Knitting news

    For the past few days, I've been in funkytown again. I've not even wanted to knit or anything. My bestest knitting friend Kim suggested I look on Ravelry for something new to work on. As you know, I've been working on the same sweater pattern for a while now. Essentially, I've made the fracking thing almost four times. Well partially, anyway.

    I believe it is indeed time to put it down for a while and start something new. All afternoon yesterday I looked and looked. I couldn't find anything. So I thought I should take a look through my stash for inspiration. The first thing I found was that I had four hanks of Malabrigo sock yarn, in black. So I went back to Ravelry and looked at sweaters made with sock yarn. Then Kim suggested I might want to try Boxy, designed by Joji Locatelli. After looking at it, I decided she was right. So I purchased Boxy from Ravelry.

    Now I just need to explain to my beloved daughter that her sweater was depressing me, and needed to go into solitary for a while. Hopefully she will read this, and understand. Of course, this also means that my second one will also be put aside...

    To top it all off, I don't have the right size needle for this sweater, or I would have cast all those 390 stitches on last night. But once again, Kim is coming to my rescue and loaning me one of hers. Hopefully I can hold out until lunchtime....

    Reading that last paragraph reminded me; I don't think it is correct to use the term "casted on" when referring to knitting. I believe it is correctly called "cast on", even in the past tense. If I'm wrong, please inform me. That term was one of the reasons I stopped following another blogger. Oh, and her insistence on calling it "Raverly". Please re-read yesterdays post. (it seems to be getting worse as I get older...)



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