Tuesday, February 12, 2013

knitting, dishes and laundry, oh my!

    Today is Tuesday. I have to keep reminding myself, because I forget what day of the week it is. Today was the day that I had planned on catching up on washing the dishes, and laundry.

    I alternated again, watching an episode of Monarch of the Glen, then washing some dishes. I have to admit, that show is starting to lose my interest. I get annoyed at it because it starts out with just the two children, the older one died years ago. So the younger one becomes Laird.

    First, out of the blue, a sister shows up. There had been no mention of her before. Now, there's a here-to-fore unmentioned brother. Am I the only one who find this totally annoying? I may stop watching the show. I'm currently in season 4, I believe.

   Sorry, that was totally off topic, but I was overdue for a small rant. The only laundry I had to do was my son's karate uniform. It's in the dryer now, and he doesn't need it until Friday. I was pleased as punch to have that much notice. Usually he brings me a uniform and tells me he needs it in a couple of hours, or (at 10 o'clock at night),  tomorrow.

    I consider myself blessed that I don't have to do all his laundry anymore. He would save every bit of clothing he owns and then throw it all downstairs in one huge pile. It would be up tp me to sort, wash, and get it back upstairs to his room.

    I know you are all howling right now, "He's old enough to do his own laundry!!" and you would be right, he is. But he works long hours, six days a week. He really doesn't have the time. Being a Martial Artist leaves little room for stuff like laundry. Just ask Julie, his girlfriend, who is now in charge of it. I think she's better at it than I ever was, she doesn't let it get into huge piles. Kudos to her!

     There is some progress on the sweater front too. But I'm worried that Sara's sweater will be too small, and mine too big. There's nothing to do but push ahead, and when they're big enough, try them on. If my fears are warranted, I can always frog them, and start over.



  1. I know what you mean! I think knitting sweaters is constantly worrying about them being too big or too small, cuz that's what I do too! Nothing ever looks right until tried on. And even then, sometimes I can't tell;p
    Spent all day on laundry and dishes and housewifey stuff too. And feels like I do that every day now, but I'm never sure what day it is. They all kind of run together. I guess it gets to that point where we're older and perception of time starts changing. I spent all day on stuff that shouldn't take so much time that now I have so little time for knitting, which was my "reward" for doing all of that.
    Now knitting on my honey's sweater! (Gawd I hope it fits)

    Love ya!

  2. Right now, this stupid sweater looks like it would fit my 5 yr old granddaughter.... I'm almost done with the raglans, and it's only like 6 inches long.I'm seriously gonna frog this and use a bigger needle.