Wednesday, January 30, 2013

a recent, disturbing turn of events

    To begin this story, I need to go back to the beginning of my relationship with my Hubs. The very first night we spent together, in fact. Even though he was kind of young, he was extremely thoughtful. He got us a room in a local hotel. That's when I found out that he snored. He didn't just snore, he SNORED. It was worse when he was over tired, which he was that night.

    The only way I got any sleep that first night was during his quiet periods. I managed to get accustomed to his snoring, eventually. To this day, I have no pity whatsoever for these women who complain about their mates snoring. If I can get used to it, so can anyone else. I even found it rather soothing. In fact, the nights that he would fall asleep in his recliner, I would wake up after a few hours, because he wasn't there, snoring. I'd go out to the living room and make him come to bed.

    So, for nearly twenty five years, I've slept well with this. The only problem he's had with me, is that I used to grind my teeth in my sleep. Until recently, that was the only complaint he had.

    Apparently, I've begun to snore, myself. It's too funny, because Hubs complains about it. And he tells me that he knows that he snores, and doesn't know how I've put up with it for so long. That he is amazed that I never killed him in his sleep.

    Just this morning, he asked me if I had taken a certain medication before bed last night. I told him no, I hadn't. I asked him if I had snored a lot last night, and he said no, that I hadn't snored at all! So perhaps we have found the cause. I just won't take that medication before bed any more. At least, on the nights he has to sleep well, and get up early for work.

    And that's what is disturbing, at least to me. I have no desire to snore. It's funny, but I've never heard myself snore. I've been sort of awake, some of the times he says I've been snoring, and I haven't heard it.

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