Wednesday, January 23, 2013

my bizarre dream

    This morning, after Hubs left for work and I fell back asleep, I had a very weird dream...

    I dreamed that my palms and fingers kept turning a dark blue/purple. Sometimes the whole palm, sometimes blotchy. It would come and go. I went to the doctor more than once, but whenever I went, the color was absent. They could find nothing wrong, or any explanation.

    Then, one day, I got a call from my daughter, who had it too, but it was her lower face, and blotchy on her neck and upper chest. It also ran down her arms. She had known about my problem, so she called to tell me that she had gotten a diagnosis. She told me to get right to the doctor and be tested. Apparently it was caused by stress! A very unique symptom of PTSD.

    So off I went to the doctor, again; at least this time the color was there on my hands. Sara's color also came and went, like mine. At least the last time I went, he was able to see the color, as it hadn't faded away yet.

    The color was really dark, like a bad bruise, but it didn't hurt. Very strange. And stress is totally out of my character. I very rarely stress about anything. I give all problems to the Universe, and what happens, happens.

    I wanted to get this dream down before I forgot it. Don't you hate when you have a great or weird dream, then you can't remember it later? I find it really helps to tell yourself the story of the dream after you wake up, while you're still in bed. That way, even if you forget the actual dream, you'll remember the story.  Which is just as good, to my way of thinking.

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