Monday, January 14, 2013

all caught up

    I am all caught up on my sweater, I've been knitting so much my yarn finger hurts. I didn't post yesterday, as I worked all day, and after I got home my entire body stiffened up and I couldn't move. It's been a long time since I worked more than four hours in a row.

    I will take photos of my sweater progress, I just hope that the blog site lets me post them. I haven't been able to post photos for a little while. I've no idea why.

    I do have a query, about knitting. Can anyone tell my why, when knitters start a project, they want to change things? For instance, with my sweater, I want to make it a bit longer, and the sleeves too. I want to put thumb holes in the longer sleeves. I guess I really know the answer, don't I? To make the project perfect for us. A little tweak here and there won't hurt anything, right?

   Well yee-ha everyone! Happy knitting!

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