Monday, January 28, 2013

hope I'm not boring you!

    Much more progress on the sweater since my last post! Yesterday afternoon, I did the neckline/collar, and it came out really well. I am pleased, to say the least.

    This photo really shows what the color of the yarn looks like, at least it's the closest of all the photos, so far. The others look too blue.
Now here's a photo of the whole sweater, with the beginnings of the left sleeve:

    I'm really zooming along now! Although I may have to put the sleeve stitches on double points when it gets smaller. The pattern says to use two circ's, but I don't know that method. Even though I'm not all that comfortable with DP's, as long as it's started, I can manage. Like when I used them to finish the hats I made. I was prouder of that accomplishment than of making a whole cardigan!   
   Hubs and I were going to go to Sam's club today, but the weather isn't co-operating. So we stay home, and think warm thoughts. Perhaps we can go Thursday, his next day off. I hope so.