Friday, January 11, 2013

crochet disaster!

    I am, right now, very near tears of frustration. I had to frog nearly half of the nearly finished 2nd Gamer Glove. I had lost stitches somewhere.

    At first I thought the rows were shorter just because I was crocheting tightly. But I broke down and counted the stitches. It was difficult because of the small size, but I lost 2 or 3 stitches somewhere just before the thumbhole row. No matter how I stretched it, it wouldn't go. So I frogged it.

    I found the mistake, and am having to redo the stupid glove. Looks like I'll be in funkytown for a while. I wonder if casting on my sweater would make me feel a bit better? I hardly ever make promises to myself, just because I know I would probably not keep them. I like to think of myself as being flexible that way. Circumstances change, I should be able to change also. It's just so frustrating. These will be my last pair of the gloves, and I'm not enjoying making them. I just want it over with. It's a good thing I like my son-in-law!

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