Friday, January 4, 2013

My yarn's here / A promise kept

   Apparently, my yarn was delivered yesterday. Unfortunately, it was delivered to the house in Fishkill. I swear, I changed the delivery address when I ordered it! Anyway, we had to go down to Fishkill today anyway, so I was able, at long last, to get my yarn in my hands!

    I had a picture, but the computer isn't cooperating tonight. Hopefully, I will be able to add it at a later time. I am so excited to finally get my yarn! So far, I'm keeping to my word about finishing the Gamer Gloves before casting on the sweater. SO FAR.....

    As to the promise I kept, Hubs and I got an awesome Schwinn LowriderTricycle for grandson Mason for Christmas. When we were all leaving my brother's house, his big sister Chloe asked if she could have one too. I told her I would look for one, and if one was to be had, G-pa and I would get it for her.

    Today, as we shopped in Sam's Club, they had some!! This is the first time we'd seen them since before Christmas. So now Chloe has a cute, pink, low rider, and Mason has his red one. I brought it to her this afternoon. She was thrilled! I got to spend a few hours with my grandkids, they are so cute.

   Next time I go visit, I'll bring my camera, so I can get photos to show you. If the laptop decides to cooperate.

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