Saturday, January 12, 2013

returning to "normal"

   I think the funk might be over, for the most part. YAY! I finished the Gamer Gloves, and delivered them today. As I spoke to daughter this evening, via facebook, she told me her hubs was wearing them. Good! I hope they keep his hands nice and warm. I was wondering of perhaps he might be able to drum in them? Maybe he'll try. We shall see.

    This means that I could finally start my sweater. I must confess, I had already started it. When I went to Stitch n Bitch yesterday, I took the box of yarn with me, so I could honestly say the yarn was still in the box. My mama didn't raise no liars.

    My mama was very creative! I remember a few times when I was a teenager, and there was a boy calling me on the phone. If I didn't want to talk to him, mom told me to go get in the bathtub. I did, very reluctantly, but I could hear her telling the boy that I couldn't come to the phone, because I was in the tub. She was big on honesty.

    Then there was the time she told me to stand behind her, and as she twisted around, looking for me, I moved with her. Then she tells the caller that she doesn't see me, I must not be around. Or the time she told me to go stand out on the stoop. She told the caller, that time, that I wasn't in the house... Yup, I learned a lot from my mama. She was, and still is, a devious woman that you don't want to cross.

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