Wednesday, January 16, 2013

my visit to the Doctor

   After promising at the end of last year, I finally scheduled my visit to my Doctor. I got very lucky, as usually, it takes about two weeks to get an appointment. I called yesterday, and he actually had an opening today!

    It's a good thing I called when I did, because the night before I called, I started not feeling well. My usual danger signs, trouble breathing (well, more than usual), and a general heaviness in my chest. I also started coughing that evening too.

    And, as promised, I asked him about my cold hands. Just for you, Purl... He felt my wrists, and assured me that my circulation is normal. I am probably experiencing spasms in the veins in my wrists. He tells me it's possible, with my condition and some of the meds I take. PHEW. So it's not anything to worry about.

    He put me on an antibiotic for my upper resp. infection, and we scheduled blood work, and a complete physical for next month.

    As I didn't feel very well at all today, I didn't get any knitting done. After I got home from babysitting this morning, I made and drank my coffee. But I was so tired, I found myself falling asleep in my chair. Eventually I gave up and went in to my bed to lay down. I slept for a couple of hours, when I finally fell asleep.

    I actually did get to knit, after my Dr. visit, while I was waiting for scrips. That can take a while sometimes, so I broke out my sweater and knitted for a while. I didn't get much done, as the nice nurse came out with the scrips pretty quickly. It was the end of the day, after all. I'm sure all the ladies were getting anxious to get home.

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