Friday, January 25, 2013

my adventures out in the cold

   My day started with my alarm going off 8:15, I set it so I wouldn't miss Stitch n Bitch again. Made it to Stitch n Bitch. It was really cold out...

    We had our breakfasts, and some quality knitting time. Then I remembered, after I got home, that I was supposed to go to Bonny's house after SnB. I put my coat back on and went to Bonny's.

    After I got home from there, I didn't put my house clothes back on, as I had to go to the mall in a few hours to pick up my paychecks. So I hung around, read some more, and actually finished The Iron Druid Chronicles book 3. I then promptly ordered book four for my nook, and began to read that one.

    Finally the time arrived for me to leave for the mall. I went down there, got my checks, then went to JCP to visit Bonny again. I remembered to stop at Joann Fabrics on the way home. My son had asked me to make another cat toy for their cat, and his new foster brother. I had searched every knitting/crochet bag I could find in my house, and couldn't find the flat plastic rings I knew I had left over from the last time I made the cat toy. I bought more rings.

    Then I could drive to the credit union and cash my checks, and do a little grocery shopping. A very little, as it turned out. I also stopped by the Karate school, and told my son about the rings, and showed him the new ones. He was pleased.

    Now I am home, and have changed back into my house clothes. The few groceries are put away. I am warm and comfortable again.

                                                              The End

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