Wednesday, January 2, 2013

still patiently waiting

    I'm still waiting for my yarn to come. I will check the mail today, after 11 am, that's when the  Post Office says all mail is distributed to the boxes. So I will watch Doctor Who, take a shower and then go to the Post Office.

    If the yarn doesn't come today, I am hoping for tomorrow. But that will give me more time to work on the Gamer Gloves. I've had to quit for the last couple of days, as my hands really hurt. I'm surprised at that! In years gone by, I've had my shoulders hurt from crocheting too much, but never my hands. I know knitting uses different motions, and it can be hard for knitters to crochet, for that reason.

    I didn't think that my wrists and hands would lose the feel for the crocheting motions so quickly! I'm going to Bonny's in a little while, and will take the current glove with me, to work on while we watch a movie. Hopefully I can stick to my promise to myself, but really, I don't see that happening. The lure of the new sweater cast on will be too much to resist.

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