Monday, January 7, 2013

in which I make a decision

    You have to know by now that these Gamer Gloves are kicking my ass. In days gone by, I could whip out a pair in no time at all. These days, however, it's getting harder and harder.

   It could be because I don't crochet all that much these days. It could be that I'm having to use my absolutely least favorite size hook in the whole fracking world, a G. I have always hated that size hook for some unknown reason. Well, that size and anything smaller than that.

   I feel I must state for the record that the fault is not with the recipient of the gloves, my son-in-law. I adore him, he makes my daughter very happy. And for that reason alone, he is still breathing. And he likes cats.

    Let me get to the point here. I do hereby vow and affirm, in this public forum, that I shall never again even think about making anyone, at all, for any reason, fingerless / gamer gloves, hand warmers, or any variation of this item.

    Now I just have to finish the last glove, crochet the seams up, then wash and deliver them. And that will be the end. Finito.   > sigh< of relief....

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