Monday, January 21, 2013

a well earned rest

    Today I went to work, and did my four hour shift. I helped chop vegetables for a new concoction thought up by The Awesome Store owner, Loraine. Equal parts red peppers, carrots, squash, celery, onions, green peppers, and I don't remember what else. Everything got cup up, then mixed in big batches. After that it was my job to fill jars with the mixture.

    Tomorrow she will be pickling all the jars. Along with all the jars of brussel sprouts that I trimmed and stuffed into jars today also.  It was very interesting to be in on the beginning of a new product for the store!

    Even though I only work part time, I really enjoy it. As I haven't worked full time in nearly four years, even this part time gig is kicking my ass. I get so sore, and my back aches for days afterwards. But I think it's totally worth it. I've actually lost a little weight in the last few months!

    It will probably take me a few days to get over the soreness and stiffness. After I got home today, before I could stiffen up, I washed all the dishes in the sink. And my knitting finger is starting to be less sore too. I will give it another day or two before I start knitting again, though. All in all I'm going to have a well earned rest!

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