Tuesday, January 22, 2013

last remnants / medical stuff

    I still have the last remnants of this cold, and I'm still taking the antibiotics. Yippee. I'm still coughing a bit, but the sore torso muscles are gone. Another yippee.

    I tried knitting this morning, and my finger is better, if still a little stiff. But there was no pain! This merits a third yippee.

    I have more doctor appointments coming up, with my primary as well as specialists. I decided to get a complete physical. I just felt we've been concentrating on my  pulmonary problems for so long, I want to check on everything else.

    I first saw the dermatologist, because of the dark(ish) stripe running up my thumbnail. Whatever you do, if you have something like that, DON'T google it!! I got the literal shit scared out of me by the horror stories. The prevalent word used was CANCER.... complete with stories about having to get the thumb amputated... and photos. The good news was that the stripes in the photos were very much darker than mine.

    My primary doctor  thought it was probably nothing, but thought it should be checked out by the dermatologist, who took a sample for testing. I should hear the results within a week.

    My beloved primary also wants me to have all these tests done. I probably will, but I won't be happy about it. In two weeks, it all begins. I will keep you updated if there's anything to report, I promise.

    And finally, here's the photo of my sweater! It looks like it's working again.

    This was taken a while ago. I haven't bothered to take a new one, but now I will! Perhaps I can post it tomorrow!

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