Sunday, January 6, 2013

Gamer Glove report / still being good

     I am still working on the Gamer Gloves. I went to Sara's today after work, to fit one to her hubs' hand. I think two more rows will do. Then I can work more on the second one, until it's the same size as the first. Then I will crochet them up, wash them, and deliver them.  Then I can move on to my SWEATER!

    It's been so hard keeping my promise not to cast on the sweater before the Gamer Gloves are done. But they are almost done now, so things are good! I still can't post a photo, but you have my word all the yarn is still in it's delivery box.

     I'm sorry I haven't had much to say lately. I'm sure things will turn around at some point. I hate funerals, I hate death. Why is it that even at the advanced age of 93, we think they will just keep on going? We are surprised to hear they are gone? R.I.P Grandma Doris. You will be greatly missed.



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