Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Knitting and crocheting news

    I haven't worked on Sara's sweater since we got back from Massachusetts. I think it's time for her to try it on. While that project is on hold, I took a few days for myself. But Monday, I went to see my friend Bonny, who needed my help with a sweater she's currently crocheting.

    I got there, and helped her, and saw the amazing sweater she's working on. I liked it so much, I asked her to copy the pattern for me. I went back and got it yesterday, and started working on it last night. At first, of course, I had to stash dive to see if there was any yarn in there I could use for this new sweater. I found more than enough of Simply Soft, a skein of white and three skeins each of light gray and dark gray. Right now, I'm very broke, and not having to buy yarn is a plus. I decided to use what I had.

    The pattern is basically a big giant round circle, with holes for the arms. You go back after the body, and make the arms. This version is called the Pinwheel Sweater, and it's someones crocheted version of a circular knitted sweater. The crocheted version was a free pattern, Bonny found it on Crochet Pattern Central, I think.

    Now, the pattern that Bonny gave me has holes in it. I started making the sweater according to the pattern. After 4 or 5 rounds, I stopped and took a good look at it. I decided I didn't like it with the holes. So I frogged it, and started over, with the standard circle pattern from Lion Brand Yarn's website. It'll be easy enough to do without the holes, as I've made that pattern before.

    Note: on the Lion Brand site, the pattern is for an afghan. I've made it as an adult size, and a baby size afghan.

    I am using the white in the center, then going to the light gray, then the dark. I decided not to make it all stripey, just solid "blocks" of color. So it will look more like a target. Bonny's  has the holes, and she's making it all stripey. It's really very pretty. I can't wait to see it all done.

    I was going to take some photos for you today. I had my circle all laid out and smooth, then I couldn't find the camera. It took me a few minutes to remember where I had put it. I found it, and turned it on. Or, rather, tried to turn it on. It seems the battery is dead. AND being broke, I don't have the money to go out and buy another battery. They are kind of expensive.  So you are out of luck for now. Hopefully soon, I can buy a battery and take some photos of the crocheted sweater.

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