Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Moving Day

    Today was moving day for mom. I was there by 10:30 am, the movers were due at 1 pm. My favorite son-in-law was there already when I arrived. We did what we could to pack things up.

    It's all over now, she's about 95% moved. There is no rush from the apartment complex office. She had to wait almost sin months for the place to be done, so they told her she could take as long as she needed to get all her stuff out.

    Sara left work early, to come and organize everything. She's the organized one in our little family. Mom was stressing out big time, so Sara sent her to her friends apartment to get her out of the way.

    At one point, son-in-law came in and reported that mom was back hanging around the empty apartment. I was voted to go take her back to her friends. They thought I was the only one she would listen to. I drove her back to Carol's, and told her in no uncertain terms to stay there until someone comes to get her.

    That gave us time to get make her bed up, get her living room all straight, and make sure she wouldn't have to do anything before bed. She could just sit and relax and watch her shows. Then go to bed whenever she wants.

    She was thrilled at how her new place looks Don't get me wrong, there are still tons of boxes to unpack. We will be visiting her more often, until it gets done. Now she's in a basement apartment, on the same floor as the laundry room. She's thrilled about that too.

    So I'm exhausted, since I've been up since 5:30 this morning. And I've been going all day. So I'll see you all tomorrow! I'm going to bed soon! 

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