Monday, April 15, 2013

At last, knitting time

    Finally, about 5 pm last evening, I picked up my knitting and started in. I think I went around a couple of times. Then Hubs came home, and I put it down. But I took it with me to child-sit this morning, and worked on it some more. So I'm getting there.

    Today, I may knit some more. When I took the sweater for Sara to try on, she remarked that by the time I would finally finish it, it will be well into Summer, when she wouldn't be able to wear it. Oh well, that's the way things work out sometimes.

    I am now having my coffee, and watching Graham Norton on BBCA. Love that show, he always makes me laugh. With just one more thought, I will take my leave for the day.

    I heard about Justin Beiber at the Anne Frank house. That stupid boy needs to be reminded that the whole world DOES NOT revolve around him. She would soooo NOT be a "Belieber". Someone please kick him in the ass for me.

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