Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Dang it all

   Well, dang it all, I missed another fracking day. I was busy again yesterday. Hubs decided to go down to the house in Fishkill, and I was going with him. He thought I should go to mom's and help her pack more. He was right, as usual. So he dropped me off, and we got some more packing done.

    After he picked me up again, we went shopping at Sam's Club. There were some things we were running low on. We ended up spending more than I thought, so I decided not to ask for more pistachio nuts. He noticed, and mentioned it. I told him I felt bad about the cost of our purchases, and he said it would have been OK. I really don't need to have them, anyway. The granola diet seems to be working.

   I've also been so busy, I haven't had time to take any photos! And it looks like I'll be busy the rest of the week too. Tomorrow is mom's moving day, so I'm expected there most of the day. Thursday I have an MRI scheduled. And Friday, all I have is Stitch n Bitch, but anything could change at the last minute.

    As for my crafting, I got a lot of knitting done this morning, when I escorted my friend's mom to the doctors office. Their car has broken down. After that, I picked Bonny up and we went down to the craft store, where I got some yarn to make my mom a half circle crocheted rug, for in front of her sink in the new apartment. I have started it already. I was going to use a P size hook, but it was too loose. So I went down to an N size. Still too loose for me. I ended up with a K size. And I am using two strands of cotton yarn. I like it better now, it's tighter, still soft and a bit cushy.

    Hopefully one of these next few days I won't be too busy, and I can finally take some photos! Let's all keep our fingers crossed!

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