Sunday, April 7, 2013

Life/Craft Updates

    Sweater - I took the sweater to Sara's house this afternoon, so she could try it on. It fit! So now I can keep knitting on it. I also thought to measure from the armpit stitches down to how long she wants it, so I have a reference point. It will be 17 inches from the pit stitches to the bottom.

   Circle Sweater - I put the armholes in the other day, and I've done maybe two rounds since then. Right now, it's on the back burner, so I can knit on the other one.

   Camera - I broke down and bought the new battery for the camera today. Since it's supposed to be nice tomorrow, I will take some update photos.

    Taxes -  They are all done and sent in. We e-filed those suckers. This year he pulled it off without a single thing being thrown, and minimum swearing.

    As I mentioned at the beginning, I went to Sara's house today. She showed me the new island in the middle of her kitchen. It's nice, and has two stools underneath to sit on. I sat and watched, while she made guacamole. My heart swelled up with joy, just watching her in her kitchen, all homemakery and shit. I loved it.

    So look for new photos tomorrow!

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