Thursday, August 2, 2012

And Now For Your Scheduled Rant.....

    As I hoped, knitting this afternoon refreshed my memory. Now it's all clear again what I was going to rant about.

    I like very few "reality" shows, and most of the ones I do like are cooking shows. I catch House Hunters and House Hunters International whenever I can. It's these shows about which I am ranting today.

    Not the shows themselves, but the people on the shows. Sometimes they are idiots, or completely insane. My favorite idiots? There was a couple whose only child was going away to college in another state. They decided to sell their big house, and move to the same town where he was going to school. Fine. The both stated that they wanted to downsize their house. Fine.  They did want a bedroom for the son, so he could visit on the weekends. Fine.

    Every stinking house they looked at, the wife had one thing to say: "It's too small!" or "The rooms are too small"!! I almost screamed myself hoarse that night, yelling at the TV. "THAT'S WHAT DOWNSIZING MEANS, YOU STUPID BITCH!!"

    The house they bought had more square feet than the house they left. So much for downsizing. Since our son moved out, I ask my Hubs once in a while, "Can we downsize to a bigger house now?"

    What really drives me crazy are these people who expect to get all high end appliances and things on a small budget. People who want granite counter tops, and stainless appliances already installed when they buy a house. They need to get fracking real. To me, those things are done later, when you can afford to do them!

    And some of the buyers are checking for the most inane things before they will even consider buying the house! One couple needed the house number to add up to anything other than a certain number. I don't remember what the number was. In another couple, the husband insisted the house face a certain direction, so his back yard barbecues would have a good view of the sunset.

    One husband went around tasting the water at every house they saw! How insane is that? Sometimes these people just need to be bitch slapped. On reflections, my Hubs and I might have seemed a bit odd when we were house hunting... Where we were living at the time, we had really lousy water pressure. So every house we looked at, we would check the water pressure. It seems you look for what is important to you at the time, no matter how insane it appears to outsiders.

    The people of the International show are in a class by themselves.... I just shake my head at most of them. Some are spoiled Americans, coming from their waaaay to big houses, and they are looking for the same thing in a new country, However, most of the other countries in the world have houses that are far older than the U.S. sometimes!And these really old houses are not going to have big rooms, or modern layouts! These people I really, really want to slap. Here they have a chance to live in Italy, or Brazil, or Spain, and live in a really old and historic house, and all they want is an "open concept" house! AARRGGHH!

    OK, I am feeling a bit better now that the rant is out of the way. Thanks for listening. If you agree with me, or even if you don't, please feel free to comment!

   As far as knitting goes, I finished the Arachno Shawl today!! YAY!! I will photograph it after it gets laundered.


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