Friday, August 24, 2012

The Potholders are Done!

    At long last, the pot holders for my daughter Sara are done! I finished up the last one yesterday afternoon at friend Bonny's house. I have since started on a pair for myself. That is, if my hands don't hurt too much!

    As a reminder, here's a photo of the first one -

    And now the unveiling of the second one!

    And finally, a photo of the two of them together!

    May she get good use out of them, and never get burned! I started making the ones for myself, and here's how the first one looks so far:

    I am not caring that the purple in the variegated is almost the exactly the same as the solid purple. It makes it look a bit wierd, and you can't even tell where the nose is! At some point when it's finished, I may take some white and outline the nose.

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