Friday, August 31, 2012

I Found Some of the Promised Photos!

    I found some photos that I had promised to post when I found them. First up is my 3rd tattoo. At the time, I couldn't find a photo of it, but last night I found a good one!

   Remember the post about my dad? I couldn't find a good photo of him. I asked my daughter, following her advice, I checked all her photos on facebook. It turns out that she had a pretty good one there! And here it is for you to see! Although he usually had facial hair. I prefer that look! And the baby in the photo is my daughter Sara, she must have been about a year old.
And lastly, at least for today, is a photo of my favorite baby blanket to make.
  This is the one I shall be making for Sara's friend. I did have a thought though. Maybe instead of making it all pointy, I shall make it in the round. No points. I will have to think on that one, probably ask Hubs' opinion. This is also his very favorite blanket.


  1. It is LOVELY. Here's a thought. I was in a Big Lots today and they had a lot of baby-friendly yarn. I know sometimes that's a regional thing, but I once saw yarn in a TARGET! I can spot yarn everywhere. Speaking of such, ships pretty fast. Knit Picks has some fair yarn but I don't know about their acrylic/baby friendly stuff.

  2. Thanks for the ideas. Actually I will be quite close to our Hobby Lobby tomorrow, so I'll probably go there. And do y best to ignore the Jesus mints and Bible quote gum.