Saturday, August 18, 2012

Crochet Project Update and More

    Well, you may be glad to know that I figured out Kim figured out where I had gone wrong with my crochet project, and it has since been remedied and the first part finished. Here is what it looks like!

    I have started a second one, but it's different than this one. I feel that if I were to make another one exactly like the first, right after finishing the first, I would just lose my mind. So I started the first of another pair.

    I was supposed to have company today, to go swimming. But when I texted to see if they were coming, I learned that Cherub was fighting with her mother, and mother didn't feel that Cherub deserved to do anything she might enjoy. I totally understand that logic. It's like: You talked back to me and were very bad, now let's go swimming!! Kind of rewarding bad behavior. So I swam by myself today for a while. Here is what I saw from one corner by the fence:

    That building is empty, it belongs to the local water district. They used to have offices there. It's right at a bend in the creek.

    Then this is the view from my Queen Chair, looking across the shallow end of the pool.

    That's my lemon slice float. I used to have an orange slice too, but it's gone missing. Underneath is Hubs' mattress float. This hasn't been a very good year for our poor pool. First we had a hell of a time getting the chemical balance right, then Hubs had double ear infections, and I got a new tattoo. One more week until I can sped some serious time in the water.

    Not only did we have a hard time with the chemicals, but we had to get a new pump too. The old one, which wasn't all that old, began making loud noises last summer.  It was even worse this year when we turned it on. We had seriously considered just filling in the pool, we'd discussed it for two summer seasons now. I'm concerned that I'm the only one that really uses it. I know it's a lot of work for Hubs.

    I guess we are committed to at least a few more years now, since he spent the money and got a new pump... And he might be willing to get a new liner too.

    In closing, I would like to point out that when considering getting a tattoo, don't get it in the summer. Especially if you like to spend lots of time in the water!